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At Greenfields Indoor Air Solutions, we make the air in your home more comfortable, fresh and healthy.

An air exchanger brings filtered, fresh air into your home, efficiently exhausts stale air and helps control humidity.

Imagine yourself enjoying these valuable benefits:

  • Breathing fresh, filtered air in your own home
  • Enjoying comfortable and healthy relative humidity levels
  • Sleeping better as a result of improved indoor air quality
  • Feeling less irritation from allergens and dust
  • Experiencing a healthier immune system

Our technicians are specifically trained and certified in the design and installation of home ventilation systems. We understand how these systems work. We will show you how to maximize the benefits of your existing system, possibly recommend a more efficient upgrade, or retrofit your home with a new, efficient, whole-home air ventilation system.

Call us now, for an inspection of your current system, or for an evaluation of your indoor air needs.

Feel the difference!​​