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Bill Denyar, owner, Greenfields Indoor Air Solutions.

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In 2013, Bill Denyar’s home required duct cleaning, a service that wasn’t readily available in the Annapolis Valley area. Bill understood that dust build-up, in the ducts of forced air heating and air conditioning systems, adversely affects air quality and the performance of equipment. Recognizing an underserviced local market, he established Greenfields Indoor Air Solutions with a mission to help people enjoy the benefits of good air quality and feel comfortable in their own homes.  Ducts re-circulate the air throughout your home. Clean ducts help circulate better quality air, but a supply of fresh filtered outdoor air is essential. An air-exchanger brings fresh air into your house and exhausts stale air efficiently and economically, for a more comfortable and healthy home.

In its second year in business, Greenfields Indoor Air Solutions incorporated the maintenance, sales and installation of air exchange systems with their existing products and services, so you can enjoy the benefits of fresh, filtered air in your own home.

At Greenfields Indoor Air Solutions:

  • We are trained and certified in the design and installation of air exchange systems
  • We provide friendly, efficient service
  • We explain how the system works and,
  • We review how to control your system for the best performance

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