The HEPA-AIRE process utilizes an Abatement HEPA-AIRE Portable Power Vac in tandem with a specially designed AIRE-SWEEP Portable Air Compressor and Agitation Tools for efficient source removal duct cleaning. 
  1. Air ducts are cleaned using Compressed Air Tools and Agitation Devices to dislodge dirt and other contaminants from the ductwork and other HVAC components.
  2. A powerful Abatement HEPA-AIRE, HEPA-filtered Portable Power Vacuum is used to place the duct system under negative pressure, pull dislodged contaminants out of the duct system and capture them.

Source removal and capture provides complete cleaning and decontamination of air ducts using the following process: 
State-of-the-Art Source Removal Duct Cleaning Process
Abatement Technologies high-performance air duct cleaning equipment and specialty tools physically remove dirt, debris and other contaminants from residential and commercial ductwork systems using a ‘source removal and capture’ process. These exceptionally portable, HEPA-filtered air duct cleaning vacuums help Greenfields’ professionals clean duct systems faster and more efficiently. 
Greenfields Indoor Air Solutions uses Abatement Technologies’ patented HEPA-AIRE® Duct Cleaning Process.

Duct Cleaning

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​​​IAQ is adversely affected by the contaminants that can build up over time in your ducts This dust and debris can be re-circulated through your heating and ventilation system if not properly managed. Without proper filtration and regular maintenance the result is poor IAQ that can make us uncomfortable, irritable or sick. Common symptoms include dry skin, dry throat, itchy dry eyes and a persistent cough. In serious cases poor IAQ can make us sick or worsen pre-existing respiratory conditions such as asthma. Young children, the elderly or allergy suffers are sensitive to the adverse effects of poor IAQ.